Monday, November 16, 2009

Lemon Quinoa with Butternut Squash

So for dinner tonight, I made this quinoa dish. Apparently it's quinoa mania around my apartment! So a few things about this recipe

I bought the squash prechopped from Trader Joe's. I think I let them sit for too long, too.
Also, the step where you add lemon juice and lemon peel - I screwed that up badly. First my peel was big chunks of peel - not very appetizing looking when it came all done. Also, I forgot to add the juice and peel while the quinoa still had liquid; thus, I added it after the quinoa was all cooked. It ended up making the dish kind of mushy. I think I should have toasted the quinoa more, as well.

Also, I only had a few pine nuts and my chives were kinda gross. So basically, my products were lacking. Oh well.

In the end, it was sufficient. I'm not sure the depth of flavor as really there, though. I added a lot of shallots and garlic, too, so I'm shocked that was kind of flat.

Here's something else too consider, there wasn't a lot of texture to this dish. It lacked something crispy even if it had been less mushy.

So on the whole, I give this recipe a meh.

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